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Skala stepladder teak
Item 5074001
Skala stepladder white
Item 5074012
Skala stepladder black
Item 5074022
Skala stepladder bamboo
Item 5169003
Noble side tables, S/2, black
Item 2161320
Noble hall bench 90x35cm black
Item 4168020
Noble wall rack w/drawer, black
Item 5166020
Noble coat hanger, black
Item 5167020
Vega bench 120x40cm teak
Item 4534000
Vega bench 150x40cm teak
Item 4535000
York foldable table 70x70cm mat black
Item 2533021
Vega stool Teakwood W55 x D40 x H43 cm
Item 4533000
Wardrobe shelf - Small, Vertical carbonized bamboo
Item 5200102
Wardrobe shelf - Large, Vertical carbonized bamboo
Item 5200202
Bench cushion for Rib stool, brown genuine leather
Item 7200002
Stool cushion for Rib stool, black geuine leather
Item 7200020
Cushion for 2 seater bench - Black genuine leather
Item 7200120
Rib set bamboo stool, black leather cushion
Item 1400120
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