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Painted mahogany

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Rosenborg furniture set, white
Item 1500310
Butterfly/York set, white + 4 chairs
Item 1600310
Adirondack set, white
Item 1602310
Bed tray, matt white
Item 2071011
Rosenborg table, white
Item 2502010
York foldable table, white
Item 2533010
Butterfly foldable table, white
Item 2600010
Rosenborg chair, white
Item 3500010
York armchair, white
Item 3531010
Clarish chair, white
Item 3540010
Adirondack deck chair, white
Item 3602010
Adirondack footstool, white
Item 3603010
Rib bench, matt black
Item 4073021
Rosenborg bench, white
Item 4501010
Rosenborg bench - 2-seater, white
Item 4503010
Storage bench, white and teak
Item 5056012
Cushion box, white with teak lid
Item 5068012
Step ladder, white
Item 5074010