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About cinas

Our history

Cinas was founded in 1903 under the name Carl J. Nielsen. Since that time the company has changed ownership only once and has developed into the Cinas design, import and distribution company that we see today. Throughout it’s long history Cinas has always been at the forefront of trading with Asia and the Far East, buying an extensive range of products from Asia. From the raw materials of brush bristles and rattan through to designer ranges of basketware, outdoor furniture, mirrors and glassware, Cinas has extensive experience of buying a wide range of commodities. By developing a close working partnership with our customers and having a strong relationship with our extensive supplier network, we are well placed to develop and design new and exclusive products, with a high emphasis on quality and reliability.


The product’s lifetime is crucial for the environmental load. It is one thing that both we and our customers and consumers should think about if the aim is to operate in the most sustainable way possible. The difference of whether a product lasts for 15 or for 2 years is colossal – both for the pleasures of furniture, the economy and by no means least, for the environment. Products that last for a long time result in a significantly less environmental impact than those that only last for a few years and must be replaced regularly. The joy and satisfaction of a product that also stays spectacular and functional year after year – just gives sustainability a different meaning.

Bamboo is also a durable material—it’s actually harder than many of the various types of hardwood used for furniture production today. This makes bamboo a perfect alternative for future furniture production. As an added beneft, the structure of the material creates an incredibly vivid surface, adding a new and changed feel to our products. Enjoy our products, shaped and designed with just the right balance of sustainability, quality and Scandinavian design


Indoor furniture

Cinas has in recent years, been focusing on developing collections in a mix of materials, combined to give a timeless look. Our collections have been made using quality materials and refined traditional construction methods. It is important to know that our designer and craftsmen are creating ‘true-classics’ in the
making, with style and comfort to match the Cinas DNA. Our products benefit from the manufacturing knowhow and experience we have, so you can be sure that our products are constructed to the best standard. We use materials which are tested and you can be sure that they are made to last. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday furniture should be affordable to all, is a core theme in the development of our products.



Cinas has combined Scandinavian innovation with durable and classic materials to produce a unique 2017 collection that is practical, comfortable, stylish and durable. Our outdoor products are all designed to meet the new standards and traditions in outdoor living. In this year’s collection, you’ll fnd newcomers as well as new materials, made to blend in with the shift to outdoor living. We feel these new additions will shape the market for years to come. All our products are manufactured using quality materials to create exceptional furniture that is designed to withstand everyday use. We take pride in adapting to environmental concerns and maintaining an awareness of social standards. All our manufacturing activities are carried out with consideration of the environment and the welfare of the local communities and regulations.

Home & Bath

Interior items for Home and Bath in painted mahogany, are made primarily from string and durable mahogany wood, protected by several layers of paint. Our delicate painting process gives a smooth surface that can endure the rigors of everyday use. Items are made mainly from surplus wood from our production of garden furniture, so many of these items can withstand use outdoors – making them ideal for daily use in humid rooms like bathrooms, kitchens, etc. 



Our storage line of baskets and boxes is made of recycled paper or plastic fibres. We take pride in the joy and value our designs supply, made of materials with a long lifetime in mind. To us, it makes good sense in business and everyday life to use only long-lasting, quality materials in your favorite piece of furniture.


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