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Balcony round umbrella Ø1.8m, white cover
Item 6000015
Balcony table, teak
Item 2601000
Bath mat / Balcony floor tile - 40x40cm
Item 5063000
Butterfly foldable table, white
Item 2600010
Butterfly folding table, teak
Item 2600000
Butterfly table, mat black
Item 2600021
Clarish chair, teak
Item 3540000
Clarish chair, white
Item 3540010
Cushion Deluxe Rosenborg Bench (120 cm)
Item 7410530
Cushion Deluxe Rosenborg Bench (150 cm)
Item 7411030
Cushion for Hardellen chair, taupe
Item 7420047
Cushion for Hardellen, grey
Item 7420030
Cushion set deluxe Rosenborg
Item 7425330
DryUnder table, teak
Item 2604000
Hard & Ellen café table Ø70cm, teak and aluminium
Item 2524009
Hard & Ellen chair, aluminium and teak
Item 3515009
Hard & Ellen set, teak and aluminium (Ø110cm)
Item 1520309
Hard & Ellen table Ø110cm, aluminium and teak
Item 2520009