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Ellen set, teak and aluminium (Ø110cm)
Item 1520309
Ellen set, 130 cm.
Item 1521309
Ellen set, 150 cm.
Item 1522309
Ellen table Ø110cm, aluminium and teak
Item 2520009
Ellen table Ø130cm, aluminium and teak
Item 2521009
Ellen table Ø150cm, aluminum and teak
Item 2522009
Rio lounge table, anthracite and teak colored poly
Item 2612133
Ellen chair, aluminium and teak
Item 3515009
Rio armchair, white
Item 3613110
Rio lounge sofa set, anthracite
Item 4612133
Ellen bord, anthracite, 110 cm
Item 2520136
Ellen table, anthracite, 130 cm
Item 2521136
Ellen table, anthracite, 150 cm
Item 2522136
Ellen cafe table, 80 cm
Item 2525116
Ellen cafe table, 80 cm
Item 2525136
Rio table, white with teak, 90 x 180 cm
Item 2553116
Rio table, anthracite with teak, 90 x 180 cm
Item 2553136
Rio lounge table
Item 2612136