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Noble hall table, bamboo
Item 2165002
Rib bench, teak
Item 4073000
Rib bench, bamboo
Item 4073002
Rib bench, matt black
Item 4073021
Rib stool, bamboo
Item 4073102
Noble hall bench, bamboo
Item 4168002
Laundry box, teak - small
Item 5054000
Laundry box, white and teak - large
Item 5055012
Storage bench, teak
Item 5056000
Storage bench, white and teak
Item 5056012
Towel ladder, teak
Item 5074000
Step ladder, white
Item 5074010
Noble wall rack, bamboo
Item 5166002
Noble coat hanger, bamboo
Item 5167002
Noble step ladder, bamboo
Item 5169002
Noble side table, bamboo
Item 3157002
Noble hall table, black
Item 2165020
Noble hall bench, black
Item 4168020