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Storage bench, teak
Item 5056000
Storage bench, white and teak
Item 5056012
Cushion box, teak
Item 5068000
Cushion box, white with teak lid
Item 5068012
Balcony round umbrella Ø1.8m, white cover
Item 6000015
Capri round umbrella Ø3.0m, off-white
Item 6005015
Capri round umbrella Ø3.0m, black
Item 6005020
Pomino round umbrella Ø3.3m, off-white
Item 6010015
Pomino round umbrella Ø3.3m, black
Item 6010020
Alezio square umbrella 3x3, off-white
Item 6015015
Alezio square umbrella 3x3m, black
Item 6015020
Umbrella base 50kgs, black
Item 6020020
Lizzano round umbrella Ø4.0m - off-white
Item 6025015
Lizzano round umbrella Ø4.0m - black
Item 6025020
Rosenborg planter, teak
Item 9505000
Rosenborg planter, white
Item 9505010
Cushion Deluxe Rosenborg Bench (120 cm)
Item 7410530
Cushion Deluxe Rosenborg Bench (150 cm)
Item 7411030