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MOOD chair, white

Item 3621012
EAN 5703332019768
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Create your own look with MOOD

Are you the single coloured or striped look when it comes to your garden chair? Then the new chair MOOD might be something for you. MOOD is first and foremost a stylish and simple chair, but it can, completely change its appearance. You can change the slats so that they go from single-colored to multicolored. Only imagination limits how your chair should look. The chair is delivered in one colour, but other colors can be purchased. The slats are easy to change: place your hands on the back of the stool and place both thumbs on a slat at a time. With few, repeated pressures or small shocks with the bottom of the palm of the hand, the slats release from the chair. Ease the slats off one at a time and change the colour you want to install instead.


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